🍑 BUILD YOUR DREAM BODY – Our booty bands are designed to provide massive glute activation, forcing your booty to grow. Whether you want to tone or build your booty, our fabric resistance bands are the answer


💪 THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT EXPERIENCE – Whether you’re new to working out or an avid gym goer, our glute bands provide the best workout experience. Not only do they enable greater glute activation, the 3 levels of resistance allow for optimal training progression as you become stronger


🏋️ WORKOUT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – Whether you’re at home, at the gym or on holiday, our hip circles provide the most versatile workout experience. By adding our booty bands to your workout routine, you can take your workouts to another level and begin to see greater training progress. We also chose colours that perfectly compliment your gym gear, so you can workout with confidence


🛑 STOP SETTLING – Unlike weak latex bands which provide little resistance and often slip, our fabric resistance bands provide greater resistance and use anti slip technology, so you don’t have to worry about annoying and often painful band slippage. We use ultra durable fabric, meaning your bands will stay strong for years to come


💜 JOIN THE PHYSIQUEEN TEAM – Don’t workout alone, join our growing community of inspired and committed athletes today. When you buy our products, you are buying from athletes with a passion for fitness and empowering women like yourself to get fit and active!

Physiqueen Fabric Resistance Band Set + Massage Ball & Carry Bag

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