Corner House

Situated on the corner of Helsey Lane just off the A52 towards Skegness, this farm land has been in our family for over 60 years! It has stood proud for many years, but during the last 5 years, we saw a great opportunity to renovate it, whilst maintaining it's characteristic charm!

corner house 2016.jpg
corner house 2021.jpg

Wren Farm Desserts


What started off as "The Barn" has become the home of Wren Farm Desserts. This building was initially designed as a tractor shed, hence its old British style brickwork and design, but after we built it we realised it would make an excellent venue for selling some delicious treats.

the barn.jpg

What is Wren Farm Desserts


We, like many others, have always been a fan of desserts. Whether it be cake, waffles or milkshakes, we just love anything sweet. Therefore we decided to offer some delicious treats to the public. 

Our love of Appleby's ice cream initially sparked the idea of selling desserts. We have known the current owners of Appleby's ice cream for many years, and seeing them return it to its former glory by going back to its roots of high quality ingredients made us want to offer it to a wider range of people. Hence we stock a variety of their most popular flavours, from classics such as Vanilla, to new innovations such as mango & passion fruit!

We also loved the idea of "Dessert is the main course", so spent 100s of hours trying and perfecting different items such as waffles, crepes and cookie dough, so that they provide a delicious treat that the whole family can enjoy!

Our Mission



We've always believed in the power of the countryside and nature to help people relax and enjoy quality time together. That's why over the coming years we hope to expand Wren Farm into Wren Farm retreats, offering a variety of accommodation, such as glamping pods and lodges, so that anyone can become fully immersed in the peaceful and scenic countryside that we are so lucky to be a part of.

We also have dreams of building a restaurant that will offer hot breakfasts, lunches and carveries, building a farm shop to sell locally sourced produce and offering alpaca trekking with our 5 beautiful alpacas. We hope you will come and be part of our mission by visiting soon and supporting the creation of what we hope to be an amazing place for everyone to enjoy!